Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marley (aka Jango Giblets Chainsaw)

Hi, my name is Tim and I have created this blog as an outlet for all the many many photos I take of my Boston Terrier Jango Giblets Chainsaw. The thing is I take lots of pics to show friends and such just a few good ones but there are so many good ones these days I need a new outlet. My wife suggested I stop taking so many photos of Giblets but that doesn't compute so blog it is!!!

Now some photos of Giblets, I thought the best thing to do would be to go back and start with the puppy pics then get caught up with the present Jango adventures.

A bit about Jango,
A few years ago my wife and I went to visit a Boston Terrier breeder out in Escondido. The breeder focused on health over breed standards so we weren't expecting perfect Bostons. The litter we saw had a bout four or maybe five pups. All were super cute but one stood out. Its temporary name was Marley. Marley had  a Buddha spot in the center on his forehead flash with white tips on his ears and just one black nail. We bonded instantly although it was my wife's decision which one to get I think it was clear who that would be. We came back a couple weeks later to claim our pup and to introduce him to his new brother Texas Chainsaw.

Texas was a huge pedigree Boxer from Ronin Breeders in New Zealand. He was about 8 years old at this point and a true legend amongst men. Raised in student flats in Otago this guy had character to say the least. Texas approved of Giblets and the preparations to bring him home were finalized.

Many many more photos to come....

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