Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Goose on the Loose - Giblets Chainsaw Balboa Park Photo Shoot

(Above is our entry into the competition)




  For a contest on the Balboa Park website to take a photo of your dog in the park and if you win your dog gets surfing lessons!! I took these photos of Giblets (Boston Terrier) on the hottest day ever which is why he actually has his tongue out in most the photos instead of looking so serious all the time! Passers-by commented on what a great model he was and were impressed he stayed when I planted him up on a ledge. He was not as willing to pose as it may seem however and we were both over being in the sun within 20 minutes or so which is why the last couple of photos are of Giblets chilling in the shade.

I didn't include the contest entry yet in case I am not supposed to post it online but it is very similar to the first one except with his mouth open.

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